As part of the Kuartis design team, my role was to design the CAD assembly of the NICU Swelling Monitor and also provide the marketing renderings for the business team at Kuartis.

Through an analysis of the primary use case scenario I was able to better understand how the user interacts with the product. Identifying those interactions would better inform the final scale of the CAD design.  

From meetings with the engineering team, it was decided that the casing would be made from milled aluminum blocks. Based on that process I explored various solutions for creating a casing that adhered to that manufacturing process but also allowed ease of assembly and maintenance.    


The final assembly was designed around the main body parts being made from milled aluminum blocks with the screen assembly and internal circuit electronics nesting through the top of the body. The exterior connection ports are placed within the injection molded plastic parts slotted into the sides. The final construction is designed around ease of assembly and maintenance.